Foolish Beginnings

And so it begins outwardly after having been so carefully and delicately incubated in the depths of my soul for a little more than a decade: a humble magical memoir on my past, present, and future as far as magick and the occult arts go. The Way of the Fool is the way of the sovereign and self-ruling ‘I’ as Experimenter of Worlds and Seeker of Truth; and although it can only be walked alone in the inside, it needs to meet with the full world in the outside, and there is nothing that is equally as godly and worldly, as sacred and profane, or as perfect and human as spiritual-physical lovemaking — or Sex. Therefore, a [human] Fool can never be fully initiated into this [spiritual-physical] Way without a [spiritual] Spouse whose Grace shall be exalted right into the flesh — both by the sublimed human and its sublime Succubus | Incubus.

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